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Delta Waves

Get the sleep you deserve.

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Destination: Balance

A Journey Unique

We at U4ea understand the impact thoughts and emotions can have. For those who choose control over their thoughts in an effort to ease their lives, we offer a tool customizable for every emotional moment. All you have to do is listen.

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How To Use U4Ea

Step 1:

Choose your desired state of mind.

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Step 2:

Listen with headphones.

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Step 3:

Get back to your day.

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How do you want to feel?

Set your intention for your desired state of mind.

Boost a personal attribute!

Set a second intention for your  body.

Set your physical activity level.

Wind up with SELF-MOTIVATE or wind down with RELAX.

10 Minutes at any volume.

Blend low bass tones with your favorite music and media apps. 

What is it?

It's a brain massage...


Super Health Food


Mental Health

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Performance Enhancing

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Natural Harmonics
Medicinal Music

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Who should use U4Ea?

Anyone who feels their brain, their emotions, or their energy could use a little massaging.

What are Binaural Beats?

An auditory phenomena that occurs when the sound waves of two slightly different frequencies (or tones) collide, creating a third wave of magnitude equal to the difference between the two initial waves.

When should I use U4Ea?

To wake up energized. To focus on your commute to work. To be at the top of your game. To unwind. To meditate. To fall asleep. And anytime in between those. Use U4Ea to boost your mental capacities. Use U4Ea to stop negative thought patterns by choosing to align with one you prefer.

Where can I use U4Ea?

Anywhere headphones are welcomed.

  • Be mindful when playing U4Ea on open speakers that the intention you set for yourself may not be the chosen intention for another listener in that moment.

  • It is not recommended to use U4Ea while  operating heavy machinery, especially while using the Sleep, Relax, and Meditate settings.

Why U4Ea's Binaural Beats?

U4Ea carrier tones are calculated based on naturally harmonic frequencies, as practiced by monks across many cultures.

How long should I listen to Binaural Beats?

Research indicates a minimum of 10 minutes is needed to shift into a state of consciousness using binaural beats. Shifting can happen faster for advanced users. Listen for as long as you feel comfortable

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How and Why it Works

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"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"


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