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Solutions in 60: Human Evolution

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

As much as I’d love to discuss the many theories on how we got here and where we’re going, I can tell you what the data’s showing the simplest course for human evolutionis to: 


How do we do that?

We use more of our brain?

How do we do that?

I’m glad you asked. If you are not aware, your brain does many things. Many of those things can be categorized as either conscious or sub-conscious behaviors. Conscious behaviors are like choices we make. “What color shoes should I wear today?” Unconscious behaviors, like blinking, breathing, fleeing in the face of danger, happens without you putting much, if any thought behind it.

Blinking is something we can control, but we’re fine that our brain built an app for that. Breathing wasn’t something I was instructed to pay much attention to until I got into sports. Fast forward four years ago, when I’m visiting an acupuncturist to address by deteriorating lower back from all the wear and tear of pursuing college sports, that I experience the conscious benefits of breathing. 

I won’t get too deep on you, but breathing with intention is pretty powerful stuff. Like when a boxer charges up like a bull before the bell sounds, or the breathing monks do, they get their minds right for the task at hand. Panicky breathers, like the ones you know are going to get eaten in the dinosaur movies, or the ones who have full on panic attacks and lose their minds or have heart attacks… that’s bad breathing…

It’s a lot more than that, of course, but breathing with intention makes a lot of sense. 

Let’s say you chose to breath with intention. I think there’s an app for that now…

What would you breath about?

Let’s list a few reasons you might want to take a breath:

  1. There’s a head in front of you that you’d like to rip off.

  2. You have run out of conceivable options.

  3. You’d rather be someplace else.

  4. You know you’re about to make the situation worse.

You get the idea...

Even if you take one focused breath a day, whether it’s in the moment you need it or you take it early for a moment to come, that is one more chunk of oxygen in your system, interacting with all your cells with a little extra dose of 'get my mind right' mojo then if you didn't take that breath. If that moment or that day went better than the day before, and maybe the day after that was even better, and on the terrible day you realized that it wasn’t as terrible as you thought, you might say, “Hey…, that breathing thing may have actually done the trick.”

Emotions and breathing are two of the still to be counted subconscious behaviors humans can learn to control. In Los Angeles, where all this breathing stuff is kind of a thing, private citizens are creating all sorts of organizations focused on solving public problems. They’re doing it with open minds because tapped into that natural feeling of better when they do something that helps more than the bottom line. Stuff like this is happening everywhere. It will be mainstream eventually.

But until it is, evolution is going to happen one eager sea creature at a time. I’m open to all ideas on human evolution - in the direction of world peace. There are lots of theories on evolution. Some involve implanting technology. Some want to merge DNA with animals. Some people think this is as far as we can go. I’m stating that if you’re brave enough to deal with your own emotions, you can evolve to any version of yourself you choose. 

There’s a growing number of reports indicating that the trauma you experience in your lives and even the trauma within your DNA can limit your ability to live a life you can be happy with. It’s always been treatable, but humanity either forgot how to do it, or never knew. 

Pay attention to your emotions. If you ignore them or suppress them, they become negative aspects in your life, like things that annoy you or you hate. Too much of that negative energy becomes a stress, often felt like anxiety or a headache. Those stresses become the pain science is now connecting between mind’s “inability" to decipher the difference between physical and emotional pain. 

Why not get rid of the emotional pain and see how much better you feel physically?

I suppressed a lot of emotions growing up. That’s what boys were raised to do. I only expressed those that would help me fit in. I made it to Wall Street before the truth finally woke me up. Now here I am trying not to sound like I’m selling the next gimmick. We all have different lives with different up-bringings, different parents who tell different stories. We grow up with different reasons for different motivations and different ideas for different wants. But if everyone wants the same thing how about we try letting everyone get their at their own pace. 

It’s inner peace.

It’s you getting to know you and getting to like you and getting to love you. Once you love you, then you’ll love everything around you that makes you who you are. Then loving your neighbor gets really easy and working on united causes gets really easy.

So what is humanity’s evolutionary goal? Technically, our goals are a culmination of everyone’s individual visions. If you don’t have a nice one, where you have exactly what you want, then try to imagine it, if you choose to. Depending on who participates, life will go on in the happy middle of all those thoughts. I just hope we get enough happy ones to shift us from all the fear so many people keep devouring. My evolutionary vision is one where everyone gets the peace they always wanted.

***SPOILER ALERT***For those brave enough to reach their deepest truth, you will no longer flee when there is no danger.

The more people we have raising their consciousness, the more people we have operating from a level of common sense where it's easier to make progress.

My truth is free. Your discernment is yours. In my effort to overcome the control my emotions had on my life, I created U4Ea for iOS, a device that uses soft background tones to tune into your desired state of mind. Learn more at

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